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March 11, 2012

By: David Anderson, DVM and Meredyth Jones, DVM

Camelid Medicine Starter Series

presented by the Mid America Alpaca Foundation

Below are five modules from Kansas State University's distance learning program on camelid health. This starter series was selected and underwritten for free distribution by the Mid America Alpaca Foundation. The modules cover much of the basic information necessary for treating camelids. Although designed for veterinarians and vet techs, much of the content is useful for owners, both new and seasoned. These programs are presented in high quality video lecture format.

Basic Camelid Handling, Management and Monitoring

Handling,Restraint and Field Anesthesia of Camelids

Parasite Control Strategies and Herd Health Programs

Heat Stress in Camelids

Neonatal Care of Camelids

More information about the program and other distance learning modules is available at Mid America Alpaca Foundation and at Kansas State University.