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August 27, 2012

By: Tim Sheets

Add Your Openherd Sales List to Your Facebook Farm Page

Leverage Social Media to Help Sell Your Alpacas!

If you have created a Facebook farm page, you can add your alpaca sales list to it by using Openherd’s free ListMirror Sync code and a free Facebook app. By doing so, you will increase your farm's exposure on social media and show off your alpacas to a new audience.

Just follow these simple steps to do this.

  1. Go to the app site on Facebook: . You should see a page like the one below. Click the tab “Install a Free Tab” as located with the circle:

    Screen Shot 1

  2. Click the green button “Install Page Tab”. You will be asked a series of question about the application accessing your Facebook pages. Just answer yes to all.

    Screen Shot 2

  3. Next, you will see a window as indicated below. Select the Facebook page were you want the tab by clicking the button and selecting.

    Screen Shot 3

  4. Log into Openherd and go to “My Account” then “ListMirror Sync”

    Screen Shot 4

  5. Scroll down and copy the code from the “Alpaca for Sale” section:

    Screen Shot 5

  6. Go back to the Facebook page and check the buttons as indicated in the screen shot below. Click “Change Tab Image” to choose a picture for your tab. Then past the” i frame code” from Openherd in the HTML section as indicated below.

    Screen Shot 6

  7. Continue to scroll down the page and type the name of the tab in the place provided:

    Screen Shot 7

  8. Click Save Settings and your done! When you select view, your tab page will look like this:

Screen Shot 8

When you go back you your Facebook page you find the tab in the middle section. You may have to click the “expansion icon” (black arrow) to open all the tabs.

Screen Shot 1

Follow the directions below to change the position of the tab.

Screen Shot 1

That's all there is to it. You now have expanded your exposure and have leveraged social media to help sell your alpacas. Good luck!